Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Woozworld update- DAY 5

Day 5 =--=

im dying..
just depressed.
idk what to do
without all my
friends DD':

- Depression day -

Kristi, Em, Latty, Maki, Alice , Chan,
Dona, Alien, Kay, Keit,  DD: and more!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 4 =-----=

WzW not working- day 4

whennn will i stopp
I want woozworld!!!!!!!!!!!!
=-= Come on already.
Four days.
Without woozworld
another week will
get me dead from boredom.
idk what to do =--=
(btw now i , selly,
will be posting from this blogger.com
account: Selly, before i was on:
Selena AKA Selly. I changed
to a new youtube, so i had
to change the blogger,
cuz of google account mess ups
and so... hehe its still me, dont get
confused. and Kristi, em,


See u when this
update is over =--=
ill be posting on here :/

Sunday, February 17, 2013


oh my goshhhh
Im bored to death.
Woozworld tune up whatever.. 
So ill just make a list
of things to do
when ur bored of ww upgrading
or something like tht..

1. Edit random pics or draw ww fan art.

what i did: 

2. Copy all the woozworld moves u remember by doing
them all in real.. rofl... i fell in big mm.. watch out XD

3. Do woozworld emo's on ur face :O make expressions like it XD

4. Try to moonwalk in real :O
Another fail of mines.... x3 

5.Check if woozworld finished updating.
a- get happy and excited cuz they did and go on pronto.
b- scream in anger because they still didn't.

6. Imagine ur self getting well known on Woozworld.
Imagine anything u wanted to have on woozworld,
imagine ur some famous woozen, or a superstar.

7. Make plans of what you will do when woozworld stops updating.

my plan: Go shopping. chat with kristenfaith88, emdsin, latinolover00, Angie.
Go shopping again. go to trade center and trade last week collection items
that i don't need. Chat more with random ppl and friends.

8. Check if woozworld finished updating once again.
Repeat act a, or act b, due to did the update finish.

9. Refresh the page just in case they stopped the update while u were 
reading the ''unscheldueled maintenance'' text o-o

10. Design something random. Clothing or furniture for woozworld.
I put the image of my duckie club design up there. x3 You can do
a theme similar to that too. How about elephants? o---o i like elephants.

Keep checking if ww stopped updating o--o
i check every two minutes... im crazy.

Hope i helped u be less bored XD

Friday, February 15, 2013

Selly's edit

ww is messed up,
while i edit.
Im trying to get
into Latty's duckie team :D
Checkk out some of my edits!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The ''Our Designs'' Page

The 'our designs'
page has been
All out designs
that were posted ,
are now there :D

You can prewiew our duckie,
and random designs
(and em's sasquach shirt C;)
in the out designs tab.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Latty's Contest

Im working on
the drawing
of Latty and Yogi
for latty's contest
on his Fan Page!
Want to see how i done so far?
You will have to wait till i finish
and sumbit to the fan page.
(Just in case, because someone
could copy work version from here,
finish it, and submit it before me).
But dont worry, im almost done,
All i need to do is Latty's eyes, shades
on his deadmau ears, and to color his top :)
Wont take long. About 30 min maximum.
Ill post it as soon as im done!
Peace! -Selly-